Parts Polish


How to make
Parts Polish

To finish the parts, we use a lot of tools, spending time and effort, we will finish carefully one by one. In fileing, there are fears that parts shape etc. will change, etc., so we have to work carefully and require a lot of time.

Screw part of the pallet bridge of the watch parts, around the hole stone I will drill down with a special tool. Apply accent around hole stone and give it to make ruby stone look beautiful. We will further enhance the worth and presence of the watch by finally shining on the mirror.

Considering chamfering around the parts etc, we will dig into the appropriate size. Care must be taken to make the paired holes the same size.

We will apply hairline processing to the side of the part using a special jig.

Usually parts will not be beautiful finish unless side finish is applied because connecting parts and cutting marks remain.hairline.processing.

ecause it leads to the beauty of the subsequent chamfering processing by applying hairline processing it becomes a very important work.

When the side finish is over, we apply a chamfer using a file. It takes a lot of time and effort, but it is an important process to decide the value of the watch, we will work carefully.

From file to emery stick (# 600, # 800, # 1000, # 1500, # 2000, # 4000, # 6000, # 8000) I will finish and I will polish the surface using a cemented carbide polish stick.

I will polish the periphery of the hole stone around the screwing around the pallet bridge to a mirror surface. We will finish while moving the bow up and down using a dedicated jig.

Finish and beauty shine will further stand out. After this we will move on to the final finish around the parts.

We will use a polishing agent in the form of a paste to polish the surface to mirror finish. Parts that have been polished draw out scratch-free beauty.

Mirror surface treatment can also expect rust prevention effect and you have to finish it carefully to increase the watch's value.

Finally we decorate the surface of the parts. I will attach radiant eye pattern.

It will be completed with plating.

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