How to make


In the major watchmakers, production, production and engraving (engraving) of watches are mostly divided into divisions

Each craftworker has a watch in division of labor

It is an industrial structure that it completes.

I met chivalrous engraving (engraving) in my school days, I am learning by myself and arrive today.

By making watches and engraving all by themselves

With no other ideas, you can finish your work.

After processing the carbide material, we made a tool called Buran and finished it into a mirror finish

I will carve one by one carefully.

Failure is not permitted and it will be work after the movement is nearly completed, so it will be very nervous work.

The movement which was engraved (engraved) in this way further enhances the value as a clock

Like a craft that the same thing is not done as one

I am devoting my mind to be a unique piece of only one.

Other Manufacturing Process